The faculty of Allied Medical Sciences was founded in 1963, entitled the faculty of laboratory sciences. It admits students to associate, bachelor and master programs. It had been merged with the school of nursing and midwifery in 1970 and started to work independently as the faculty of Allied Medical Sciences in 2007. Now, it is located in the shared area of 55000 square meters with the school of Nursing and Midwifery.

This faculty has twenty six academic staff who are working in six departments including; operating room, radiology and nuclear medicine, laboratory sciences, health information technology, medical emergencies and anesthesiology; and 946 students are studying in various levels and Programs .

Contact Information


School of Allied Medical Sciences

Kermanshah, Iran

Ashayer St., Isar Sq., opposite Farabi Education and Treatment Center

Tel: + (98-83) 38279697

Fax: + (98-83) 38279190

E-mail: fac_paramedical@kums.ac.ir

Web: http://gsia.kums.ac.ir/en/School-of-Allied-Medical-Sciences